Frequently Asked Questions

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There is a small health-centre on the island where a nurse can take care of minor injuries – you can buy antibiotics and other common medicine. In Trat there is a branch of the Bangkok Hospital that is well equipped to deal more serious medical issues that may arise.

Koh Mak has a favourable climate that is usually dry from November to May, with the coolest and most pleasant weather during the popular Christmas period before getting increasingly hot. Rainy season is between June and October bringing humidity and typically short bursts of heavy rain.

Like most places in the tropics, there are some snakes, scorpions and spiders on the island but injury from them is unlikely. Most tourists will not even see any whilst on the island. Protect yourself against sandflies and apply coconut oil while walking on the beach. We recommend to carry vinegar with you and wearing bath suits with long sleeves as protection against jelly-fishes.

Yes! There are a number of convenience stores, especially in the centre of Koh Mak where you can find fresh food, beverages, cosmetics, cloths and medicine.

Yes, all resorts are able to help you with arrangements for your transfer back to the mainland and to your next destination.

There are plenty of choices all over the island for food. Each resort has its own restaurant or BBQ- place as well as local food options.

Resorts and shops rent out motorbikes, bicycles and golf cars, and a public taxi is available any time.

No. The next bank and ATM is on Koh Chang. Please bring Thai-Baht with you. Only in emergencies may you pay in Euros or US Dollars. At Koh Mak Suites resort you can pay your bill with Credit-Card (Visa, Master and Amex).

Koh Mak has a few laid back bars and restaurants. If you’re looking for all night parties and the ‘girly bars’ found elsewhere in Thailand, Koh Mak is not the place to be!